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Branded Personal Credit Card Programs

Phillips 66® – Conoco® – 76® Personal Credit Card Program, brought to you by Synchrony® Bank, offers cardholders no annual fee, fuel rewards and pay-at-the-pump convenience while providing you with no store processing fees and a dedicated team of Regional Sales Managers you need to help the credit card programs succeed at your site.

Commercial Credit Card Programs

Phillips 66® – Conoco® – 76® Commercial Credit Card Program, brought to you by Synchrony® Bank, helps your customers manage their fuel purchases, leaving no processing costs for you. In addition, you’ll have greater flexibility to create your own promotions through our merchant-funded discount program, so you can stand out from the competition.

Fleet Card Program, Managed by WEX®

Phillips 66® – Conoco® – 76® Fleet Card Program, managed by WEX®, helps you secure business from larger fleets that require detailed reporting; security; and broader acceptance when traveling outside of the Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 markets. WEX manages the fleet program and provides you with a dedicated field sales team.

Gift Card Programs

Phillips 66® – Conoco® – 76® Gift Card Program is easy to process and designed to help you increase customer sampling and gain repeat business. Our gift cards can be used across our three brands and used at the pump or inside the store, leaving you without transaction fees.

Fraud Protection

We’re committed to delivering fraud protection tools and programs to our customers.

More Payment & Rewards Programs

Mobile Pay

Our digital, low-touch payment solution is an easy and convenient option for consumers.

Loyalty Programs

Rewarding consumers for stopping and shopping can lead to increased brand loyalty and repeat visits.

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