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Paved Drives:

All driveways must be either concrete or asphalt.

Canopy With 36″ or 48″ Flat Fascia Over All MPDs:

A site must have either a 36″ or 48″ flat fascia canopy that extends over all gasoline MPDs in the main fueling area. The fascia on new builds canopies must be 36″. For new-to-brand and new-to-industry sites, ranch style canopies are not allowed. Square canopy corners are the standard for new sites. 

Standard 3 MPDs with CRINDS:

A standard of 3 MPDs for all locations. All dispensers under the branded gasoline canopy, including diesel, must have operational CRINDS (Card Reader in Dispenser). MPDs must remain clean and free of unprofessional discretionary signage. 

Main ID Price Sign:

A Main ID price sign is required. Dual pole, single pole, and monument signs may be used as the Main ID Price Sign. 

Free Public Restroom(s):

All sites must have at least one unisex bathroom that is accessible to the public at no charge. Interior restrooms are preferred. All new-to-industry (new builds) sites must have two interior bathrooms that are accessible to the public at no charge.

Three Gasoline Grades:

All sites must carry at least 3 grades of gasoline (Regular, Plus & Premium). Diesel is not considered a substitute for a gasoline grade. If a site carries two grades of gasoline and diesel, an exception is required. 

LED Under Canopy Lighting:

All sites must have full LED flush mount light fixtures under the canopy. Lamp only replacements will not qualify.

Site Employees Must Wear Appropriate Apparel:

All store employees must wear clothing that portrays a professional image which at minimum must include a clean, professional logoed shirt and a name tag.

Use of Brand Image Central (BIC):

Sites must be imaged through BIC, which includes the purchase of all image materials. Refer to Brand Image Central for more information. All branded image materials must be purchased through BIC. 

Image Standards:

Sites must meet the image criteria and comply with the image standards for their selected image package.

Signature Image Package Criteria

The Signature Image elements focus on elevating the customer experience at Phillips 66, 76 and Conoco branded sites. The Signature Image offers a fresh, modern upgrade that differentiates your site from the competition. To qualify for the Signature Image package, sites must meet standard site requirements in addition to the Signature Image criteria below.

Premier Image Package Criteria

The Premier Image elements give the Phillips 66®, 76® and Conoco® branded sites a fresh, modern upgrade, helping your site stand out above the competition. Shield, Wave and Apex sites must meet standard site requirements in addition to the Premier Image criteria below.

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