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Gas Station Advertising & Promotions

Is your site getting the promotional power it needs? Shoppers are heavily influenced by gas station advertising and promotions. In fact, 83 percent of shoppers in a recent survey say they made an unplanned purchase based on a promotion they received.* This is why we are committed to providing a mix of traditional media and innovative consumer engagement that keeps consumers loyal to your station.

*Source: Reach & Impact: Inside the Mind of the Shopper, Market Track, LLC.

Award-winning Advertising Campaigns

Phillips 66®, Conoco® and 76® are committed to building brand loyalty through strong television, radio and billboard campaigns that resonate with consumers in our markets and beyond.

Traffic Driving Promotions

Phillips 66®, Conoco®, and 76® supplement brand-building advertising campaigns with traffic-driving promotions, such as exclusive promotions and tickets giveaways for consumers.

Regional Sports Sponsorships

Consumers are more likely to choose a brand they recognize. That’s why we sponsor top local and national sports organizations and conferences. It’s a slam dunk when it comes to building the brand and driving consumers to your site.

Social Media and Navigation Support

The Phillips 66®, Conoco® and 76® brands advertise promotions and invite consumers to participate in two-way conversations on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Our brands also advertise on Waze® to harness the power of location marketing to help consumers find their ways to your site.