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Why TOP TIER™ Gas?

TOP TIER gasoline goes beyond the minimum standard for detergent additives to ensure optimal engine performance while reducing emissions over time.

Protects engines from buildup and prevents deposits that deprive engines of performance, responsiveness, fuel economy and long-term reliability.

Consumers do not have to upgrade to premium gasoline to take advantage of the cleansing benefits as all octane grades adhere to TOP TIER standards.

Consumers demand high-quality fuel. In a recent study, 47% of consumers prefer a specific station based on the quality of fuel.3

1. Based on average proprietary additive treat rate.
2. TOP TIER fuel is recommended by some of the largest and most recognizable automotive manufacturers, all of whom prepare and enforce these high-quality fuel standards. For more information visit
3. NACS, Consumer Behavior at the Pump (March 2019)