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76® Renewable Diesel

A Better Fuel for California

The 76® brand has a long history of being a West Coast icon. We’re continuing to evolve as part of our commitment to provide you with the best high-quality fuels to ensure we have an iconic future. 76® Renewable Diesel is not just renewable fuel, it’s better fuel. It provides real improvements over both conventional diesel and biodiesel.

What are Renewables?

Renewables are made from renewable resources – used cooking oils, fats, greases, vegetable oils, grains and sugars – that can be replenished in a short time period. Examples include ethanol, biodiesel and renewable diesel. Wind and solar are also examples of renewable energy.

Types of Diesel: Renewable Diesel v. Biodiesel v. CARB Diesel*

* Renewable diesel, biodiesel and CARB diesel are all approved for use in California by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). 

Renewable diesel is a non-petroleum hydrocarbon fuel, produced from renewable feedstocks – fats and vegetable oils – by refining them through a hydrotreater. It is a very high-quality, fully refined diesel that is physically and chemically very similar to conventional diesel. It can be blended with conventional diesel or used as a complete replacement for conventional diesel.

Biodiesel is a non-hydrocarbon fuel produced from renewable feedstocks – fats and vegetable oils – by reacting them with methanol. It cannot be used as a replacement for conventional diesel, as it must be blended with diesel and requires special handling.

CARB diesel is a conventional, petroleum-based hydrocarbon fuel produced from fossil fuels, a nonrenewable natural resource.

A Better Fuel for Your Consumers and the Environment 

Lower Carbon

Lower carbon footprint

Renewable diesel has a lower carbon footprint than conventional diesel fuels, and it meets the Low Carbon Fuel Standard established by the California Air Resource Board (CARB).

Efficient Burn

More efficient engine

With higher cetane levels, 76® Renewable Diesel allows engines to burn the fuel better than regular diesel, improving performance and lowering tail pipe emissions for less smog.

Quicker Start

Quicker start, quieter running

The higher cetane also leads to enhanced engine combustion for a better burning fuel. This means a smoother-running, quieter engine, as well as a rapid cold start for better cold-weather performance.

High Performance

High performance

Because of the higher energy density of renewable diesel, engines can burn its fuel completely, generating more power per cycle.

Simple SwitchSimple Switch

Simple switch

76® Renewable Diesel is a "drop in" fuel with no blending limit and is similar to CARB diesel. You and your consumers can make the switch without any modifications to your infrastructure or their engines.

Sustainable Supply

The Phillips 66 San Francisco Refinery is currently undergoing a transformation, dubbed Rodeo Renewed, anticipated to become the world’s largest production facility of renewable fuels. Upon completion of Rodeo Renewed, the facility will produce more than 800 million gallons a year of renewable fuels. This will increase total renewable fuels supplied to the California market by 200%, ensuring reliable supply for your sites. In addition, our renewable supply on the West Coast will be augmented through a partnership with Ryze Renewables.

Marketing Support

We’ll help drive traffic to your sites with all the marketing support you’ve come to know from 76®:

  • Bold new station signage
  • New dispenser decals
  • Point-of-purchase materials
  • Consumer handouts
  • Consumer website
  • Digital banner advertising

Fleet Fuel On Demand

We are now delivering quality diesel fuel directly to your fleet trucks wherever and whenever you need it. See how we can help you save money on labor costs and maximize your productivity with our reliable and convenient new offering.