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KickBack® Points Program

Is your fuel supplier helping you build repeat business?

If you’re worried about customer retention, you’re not alone — 61 percent of retailers cite customer retention and loyalty as their biggest challenge.* This is where the KickBack® Points Program can help. It rewards customers for stopping and shopping at Phillips 66® , Conoco® and 76® stations.

Compared to non-cardholders, KickBack® cardholders on average:

  • Purchase 10 percent more fuel***
  • Visit stores 5 percent more often***
  • Buy 11 percent more inside the store***

The program integrates directly with your POS, so you can collect valuable information about what your consumers like, what they're buying, how often they purchase and more. This empowers you to use your marketing dollars more effectively to deliver the right offers to the right people. 

*Loyalty Statistics: The Ultimate Collection, pulled from RSP Research, August 2013.
**The Bond Loyalty Report, 2015.
***Source: KickBack Reward Systems


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