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Excellence in Action Site Assessment Program

Could your first impression be driving customers away?

You may be surprised to learn that customers think many convenience stores fall short in the area of good customer service.* At the forefront of customer service concern is cleanliness — not just how clean a store looks, but also if it smells fresh, is in good repair, and features fixtures and displays that are up to date with evolving standards. Sites that do this right create long-term, loyal customers.

Our Excellence in Action assessment program is designed to help you provide a customer experience that consistently delivers on the brilliant basics of our business: fast and friendly operations and safe and clean assets.

Through the program, you gain access to:

  • Direct customer feedback
  • Monthly mystery shop scores and action areas
  • Corrective resources to improve customer perceptions
  • Business insights to help you understand customer buying criteria


*Source: The Evolving Convenience-Store Consumer, BCG Perspectives.


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