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Elevate the Experience

What does it take to elevate the customer experience? In today’s competitive landscape, it’s more critical than ever for your site deliver an exceptional experience for every customer, every time. Phillips 66 offers bright, modern images, coupled with programs and operational support, designed to help you elevate the customer’s experience and keep them coming back.

Meet Customer Expectations

The experience a customer has at your store is about more than just the image. Our operational support is designed to help you create loyal, repeat customers. According to research conducted by Market Force, buyers will only return to your site if they believe they can expect an exceptional experience.* Learn more about what draws in customers, so you can go beyond curb appeal.

*Marketforce: The Impact of Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction, 2014

Customer Focused Criteria

All branded sites must meet customer focused criteria that show they can deliver the fast, safe, friendly and clean experience consumers expect today. Learn more about the Premier and Signature Image Program criteria below.

Premier Images

Our Premier Image Programs for Phillips 66®, 76® and Conoco® have rigorous asset and operation criteria designed with the customer experience in mind. The Premier Images were designed to provide a bright, high-impact look to draw customers in. Ready to see the elements that create a bright, modern site?

Signature Images

Introduced in 2017, the Phillips 66®, Conoco®, and 76® Signature Images were designed to provide greater optionality for your branded portfolio. While the asset criteria are not as rigorous as those for Premier, operational performance is a still key qualifier for these images.

Hear What Others Have to Say

Hear from customers who participated in our Experience 66 Program. Under Experience 66, participating sites tested various Signature Elements, attended training sessions, and implemented our Premier 76® Wave and Phillips 66® Shield images. Today, Phillips 66 remains committed to elevating the brands through our Brand Revitalization efforts centered around the Premier and Signature Image packages.