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Our fraud protection tools and programs include:

The anti-skimming toolkit

Credit card skimming continues to be a major problem at fuel dispensers across the United States. Our anti-skimming toolkit provides you with best practices to secure your fuel dispensers and reduce your liability for fraud losses.

The Skimmer Reward Program

We have designed a program giving you the tools necessary to identify and report skimming devices. To incentivize your employees to diligently complete security and awareness activities, the program will pay a “bounty” to site employees for finding and reporting skimmers.

Advanced security providers

The CompX® dispenser lock and NovaVision® dispenser tape programs are designed to combat credit card skimming at your sites.

The Phillips 66®, Conoco®, and 76® Fraud Hotline

You and your consumer can report any suspicious credit card activity to our fraud hotline 24 hours a day.