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Conoco Image Packages

Our image packages provide a modern, clean update that makes your site stand out and attract customers. Bringing heritage brand elements into the future with a consumer-centric focus, these images were also designed to lower operational complexity for you. It’s part of our commitment to elevating our brands, and helping you deliver exceptional experiences for your customers.

Apex: The Premier Image for Conoco

The dimensional heritage Conoco®  triangle and capsule logos merge into one as they break the plane to create an attention-grabbing look that your consumers recognize and trust. The Apex image honors the rich history of the Conoco brand by combining two familiar and beloved logo elements into a look fit for the future. The new, well-lit image offers a welcoming energy that will elevate your site and attract consumers for years to come.

Distinctive Bright Elements

The Apex Image Package Includes:

Install New:
Canopy fascia treatment and logos with LED downlighter lightbar illumination; Dispenser valances; Dispenser pump skirts; Dispenser overlay and decals; MID sign with white LED digits; Amenity units; Imaging of branded diesel island

Other Site Preparations:
Site power wash; Paint bollards canopy columns and fuel islands

Fusion: The Signature Image for Conoco

Introducing the Signature Image for the Conoco® brand – Fusion. Named for its creative combination of the heritage triangle logo merged with the capsule logo of modern day, this updated look stands out in today’s competitive marketplace, where consumers demand a safe, well-lit and clean fueling experience.

Conoco Has Never Looked Better

Signature Image Package Includes:
Canopy fascia update; Update canopy logos; Pump re-image; Reface rectangular and square Conoco “Open Road” sign faces to new triangle logo; cut-to-shape capsules will remain; Paint forecourt elements

New to Brand Package will also include*:
Canopy fascia update including ACM; Update to MID to Brand Standard; New amenity units

*Items needed to bring a site up to the Conoco brand standard will vary; package list will be customized based on the existing characteristics at the site