Who We Are

Phillips 66 is a growing energy manufacturing and logistics company. We're the only integrated downstream company to combine leading midstream, chemicals, refining, and marketing and specialties businesses. With this diverse portfolio, Phillips 66 is uniquely positioned to capture opportunities in the changing energy landscape to help your business find greater success.

How We Started

Even though Phillips 66 debuted as an independent downstream energy company in May 2012, we have a rich and complex history through our many predecessor companies. Some of the most notable are Conoco and Phillips 66 Petroleum Company. These two companies had long and successful businesses before merging in 2002 to form. In 2012, ConocoPhillips repositioned into two stand-alone, publicly traded companies, one of which is the Phillips 66 of today.

Our history dates back to 1917, and within it, we've had great moments that demonstrate our vision and values. Our growth and evolution as a leader in the refining, marketing, midstream and chemicals businesses includes the development of our current asset base, which includes interest in 15 refineries, more than 10,000 branded marketers, 86,000 miles of pipeline and more than 40 billion pounds of chemicals processing capacity.

In the United States, Phillips 66 markets gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel. Most marketing outlets are owned and operated by independent dealers and wholesale marketers. The majority of these outlets are branded with Phillips 66®, Conoco® or 76® and feature gasolines that have been recognized as TOP TIER® Detergent Gasoline by leading automakers. These operations are strategically served by our refineries and transportation systems.

In our wholesale operations, we utilize a network of branded marketers and dealers operating approximately 7,100 outlets. Refined products are sold on both a branded and unbranded basis. We emphasize the wholesale channel of trade; however, we also hold brand licensing agreements with approximately 500 other sites. In addition to automotive gasoline and diesel fuel, we produce aviation fuels and market them through independent marketers and dealers at approximately 900 Phillips 66® aviation-branded fixed-base operations, the largest branded network in the U.S. general aviation industry.

Where We Are

Source: Phillips 66 Corporate Site