Phillips 66®

I feel that the Phillips 66® brand concentrates more on the people here. I don't get that same feeling with the 'big' brands."

Megan L, Kansas City, MO

I think that across the board, Phillips 66® has the most consistent product: city-to-city, or state-to-state."

Austin, St. Louis, MO

I think that Phillips 66® has a stronger heritage than other brands because of its connection to an American icon."

Connor S., St. Louis, MO


It's kind of like my go-to… it's just like dependable and it's comfortable for me."

Katie, San Francisco, CA

[If] you had to ask me, out of all [competitors], which one I think is the most solid… I would say 76®."

Jacob, Los Angeles, CA

I trust the quality of the gas, I like the location, it's convenient for me, the people there are nice. And sometimes I put air in my tires so that's nice to have that option if I needed to."

Armin, Los Angeles, CA


The fuel that I get there has worked just great for me for 10 years now. Never had one problem with it at all."

Amy J., Springfield, MO

They are very reliable, you don't have to worry about them running out of gas, and they [typically] have a large station with numerous pumps so you don't have to worry about waiting behind other cars."

Stephanie S., Denver, CO

I'll normally go to [Conoco] just because it's a matter of consistency… just the quality of gas and how my car reacts, and how I feel it drives."

Chris B., Denver, CO