Meet Joe, the Fuel Veteran

Joe owns several businesses within his area, including two independent gas stations. He has experienced some success in the industry, but thinks there is room to grow. He'd like to open another gas station by a highway exit. However, he knows the competition will be fierce. There are already several independent stores along the strip. Will another independent station be able to capture enough business to achieve his profit goals? How will Joe differentiate his station from the other choices?

After conducting extensive research and speaking with several owners of successful fuel stations, Joe decides to purchase a plot of land by the highway. There is competition from several independent stations, but Joe’s site is the only one with a strong, recognizable brand. Because of this, Joe is able to capture more traffic from consumers with high-quality fuel and site cleanliness standards.

Instead of trying to compete on fuel price alone, Joe’s 76® sales representative encouraged him to lean on his convenience store to generate additional revenue. And for the first year, his station and his car wash set him apart from the competition.

In year two, several more franchise gas stations moved in and Joe had to be proactive. Joe’s 76® sales representative offered multiple solutions for driving more traffic and differentiating his business. She encouraged him to leverage Phillips 66 programs designed to help him compete at a higher level. As a result, Joe built a franchised fast food restaurant on site and joined the Convenience Store Alliance (CSA) program. CSA helped him start saving quickly, allowing him to tap into the same purchasing power of a large chain. He offered more competitive pricing and decreased his costs, resulting in increased profits!

Now, Joe is thinking about his next target for expansion. The insight and program support he receives from the Phillips 66 and CSA teams have enhanced his success and his confidence in building a successful business in any competitive climate.


Source: Based on interviews conducted by Sales Benchmark Index and combined into top scenarios. Actual results may vary.