Meet Eric, the Savvy Marketer

Eric and his family have worked in the gas station business for over 50 years. During this time, his grandfather and father have built the business from one site to 42 sites across two states. They use two different gas station brands — neither of which are Phillips 66®, Conoco® or 76®. A few of their stations are scheduled to renew their contracts, and they're looking at trying Phillips 66. They have always seemed to pose good competition for Eric's stations, but he isn't sure that re-branding is worth it.

Like many savvy business owners, Eric and his family evaluated multiple brands. But, even after years in the industry, they were impressed with the additional services and programs offered by Phillips 66. These programs could actually help them increase traffic, lower costs and improve site operations more than they had seen in years! They laid out their business plan, incorporating exclusive programs and resources such as:

  • CSA, a c-store buying program of which 100% of members were saving money*
  • KickBack® Points Program, a rewards program for Phillips 66 consumers designed to drive repeat business
  • And a live, US-based customer service representative!

Eric and his dad conducted a follow-up analysis on the sites utilizing the KickBack® Points Program. They found that KickBack® helped increase their convenience store purchases. Furthermore, the CSA buying program saved them thousands per site annually. As more stores come to the end of their contracts, Eric and his father continue to consider Phillips 66 for additional business. They once thought all branded-fuel stations were the same, but have come to realize that Phillips 66® has become a trusted business advisor in their operation thanks to the strong focus on success.


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Source: Based on interviews conducted by Sales Benchmark Index and combined into top scenarios. Actual results may vary.
*Source: Convenience Store Alliance