Below you'll find just a few of the key benefits of joining the Phillips 66 family. Between program benefits, our standard of quality and supply reliability, you'll find even more ways that we can make a difference for you. If you're ready to take advantage of the Phillips 66 advantage, contact us today so we can discuss your opportunity.

Program Benefits

As a part of our large network, you're able to participate in multiple programs designed to increase traffic and reduce costs with greater buying power. Independent chains can struggle to offer customer loyalty programs that appeal to a wide network of consumers. Phillips 66®, Conoco® and 76® brands are able to provide programs that increase revenue and offer discounts to fleet card owners to decrease costs. Other benefits include CSA savings programs, the KickBack® Points Program, and Co-Op marketing programs that are designed to drive bigger results for customers.

VIP and loyalty program members are 70% more likely to spread the word about your business.

Source: Marketing Profs "Loyalty Marketing"

Standard of Quality

Imagine pulling off the highway after a long trip and seeing two gas stations: an independently owned station with an unknown local brand, ABC Fuel Mart, and a station with a familiar brand that you know is clean and carries TOP TIER® Detergent Gasoline. Millions of Americans make this decision every day. By aligning yourself with a strong brand that offers high-quality gasoline and maintains exceptional standards, you'll increase the perceived value of your site; consumers will migrate to it because of their familiarity with similar locations.

That's why Phillips 66 brands offer TOP TIER® Detergent Gasoline. Our gasoline has three times more detergent additives than the minimum required by the EPA, and that can be a traffic driver for performance-savvy consumers in tune with the standards of the world's top automakers.

It's possible some price-sensitive consumers may choose an independent station for a lower fuel price. However, competing on price alone can result in a race to the bottom, especially when big-box retailers can cut fuel costs just to get patrons in the door. By projecting a quality image and targeting customers willing to pay a small premium for the right amenities, site owners can establish a secure path to success.

One in seven motorists consider fuel brand as the top reason for their purchasing decision.

Source: NACS "How Branded Stations Operate"

Supply Reliability

When considering entering the fuel industry, are you concerned about getting a steady source of supply? Phillips 66 ensures you receive your monthly fuel allotment as outlined in the fuel contract. This is a critical component that independent stores often overlook. Many independent fuel suppliers purchase fuel without a designated contract. In times of supply shortage, they may be unable to secure adequate volume for their stores. If a station shuts down for a few days, it can be devastating for profits. During times of plentiful supply, independents who are not on a fuel contract may save a few cents per gallon on unbranded fuel, but they are at risk for losing substantial revenue if their fuel source tightens supply.