Do you have 24/7 access to key operational data?

BizLink Mobile

Running a station isn't a 9-to-5 job. We recognize that successfully operating your site in today's competitive environment requires tools that help save you time and simplify your operations. That's why we developed the BizLink® mobile app.

The BizLink® mobile app streamlines your daily processes, boosts productivity and increases business efficiencies on the go, 24/7. From the convenience of your mobile phone you can access real-time fuel prices, terminal supply availability, invoices, EFT history and more.


Do you have the support you need to succeed?

Dedicated, Local Support

We recognize that site owners wear many hats. That's why we provide our customers with dedicated local business advisors who are trained with extensive market knowledge and have access to resources that can help you succeed. In addition, we offer a 24/7 help desk that puts your needs first, even at 3 a.m.


Free Hands-On Training

According to research, customers will only return to your station if they believe they can expect an exceptional experience.* That's why Phillips 66® and Conoco® stations receive free hands-on training in the critical area of operational excellence. This training can help you reduce employee turnover, increase efficiency and productivity, and run a more profitable business.

*Market Force, The Impact of Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction, 2014.


Co-op and

Top stores spend an average of $1,565 per month to advertise and promote their convenience store or service station. Average stores spend $969 per month.*

How do you compare?

Reducing your advertising and image improvement expenses is easy through the Phillips 66 Branded Marketing Cooperative (Co-op) Fund Program! As a customer enrolled in this program, each gallon of gasoline sold earns you valuable Co-op funds. Unlike other supplier programs, there is no minimum mystery shop score required to earn funds. With extreme flexibility in spending options, Phillips 66 will reimburse 75% of eligible Co-op expenses on everything from promotions and advertising to uniforms and image updates/repairs.

When running a business, we know it can be challenging to find the time and resources to devote to advertising and promotional materials. That's why we offer our retailers a one-stop shop for creating, ordering and shipping custom signage, advertising, mailers, point-of-purchase materials, specialty items, uniforms and more! Our branded advertising shops have a profile of Phillips 66®, Conoco® and 76® branded stores to ensure each store receives the correct amount of materials. And all items are pre-approved for Co-op, meaning that there is no hassle in processing! Take a tour today!

Phillips 66® AdShop
Conoco® AdShop
76® AdShop

*Source: NACS State of the Industry Annual Report-2012 Data

Brand Image Central (BIC)

Deciding to choose a brand for your convenience store is a big decision. You will want to choose a supplier who understands the complexities of the branding process and who can image your station with minimal business interruption.

Formed as a direct result from customer feedback, Phillips 66 is proud to provide operators with a turnkey solution for branding and rebranding to the Phillips 66®, Conoco® or 76® brands through Brand Image Central.

BIC streamlines the branding process by:

  • Serving as a resource for image standards and materials ordering expertise
  • Serving as the sole source for all image elements, during conversions and in the future
  • Guaranteeing only quality approved image materials are purchased
  • Providing dedicated people and support during the branding process

Beyond the image conversion, BIC provides customers with an easy-to-use, but extensive online catalogue for ordering quality and approved replacement image materials. From simple orders like decals, to building a pre-approved Main ID price sign, BIC was built to support your business through the entire brand life cycle.